Paint Your Heart Out

This 3-hour workshop is designed especially for those who have experienced a loss of a loved one, job loss, loss of special pet, financial loss, or just feeling overwhelmed with life. Nicole Tetrault, a local artist, will lead the class and help transfer emotions and grief onto the painting canvas.…

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Life Celebration

The Roberts Family Funeral Home has become Forest Lake’s first and exclusive Life Celebration provider. Becoming a Life Celebration Home means providing families with unparalleled service, personalized tributes, and customized funeral experiences. The Roberts Family has always offered individualized services focusing on each family’s wants and desires, becoming a Life…

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DNA Memorial

We are the first funeral home in the state that is now offering unique service that will help families protect their future generations.  The funeral home has partnered with DNA Memorial, a DNA services company that has developed proprietary method of extracting DNA from a non-invasive cheek swab or hair…

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