Life Celebration

The Roberts Family Funeral Home has become Forest Lake’s first and exclusive Life Celebration provider. Becoming a Life Celebration Home means providing families with unparalleled service, personalized tributes, and customized funeral experiences. The Roberts Family has always offered individualized services focusing on each family’s wants and desires, becoming a Life Celebration Home will further enhance the already unique memorials currently offered. The personalized memorials will include photographs, memorabilia, special honors, photo collages, mementos, and music –anything that celebrates and tells the story of the wonderful life of the loved one.

Managing partner Kelly Roberts spoke about the new program: “Our Life Celebration home will work hand in hand with your family to guide you through creating a service that pays tribute to the life of your loved one. Whether he or she was involved in sports, military service, religious or community activities or simply enjoyed being surrounded by family and friends, the Life Celebration® service will feature what made up the fabric of their life.” Recognizing that this is a difficult time for families and friends, every Life Celebration home is trained to provide families with the tools necessary to create a one-of-a-kind service, without creating undue burden on family and friends. Kelly Roberts spoke about the healing effect of the program as well saying, “The Life Celebration concept will inspire family and friends to co-create a meaningful a Life Celebration experience for their loved one in an inherently personal way allowing them to remember and reflect.”