Zachary W. Carey
November 22, 1993 - December 5, 2012

Zachary W. Carey

Zachary W. Carey
Nov 22, 1993 - Dec 5, 2012

Zachary W. Carey
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Zachary Wayne Carey, age 19 of Columbus, died unexpectedly on December 5, 2012. Zachary was born November 22, 1993 in Maplewood, Minnesota. He graduated from Forest Lake Area High School in 2012.

Zachary is loved and will be deeply missed by his mother and step-father, Amy and Rob Greer; father and step-mother, Mark and Carrie Carey; sisters and brothers, Isabelle Carey, Josephine Carey, Sean Greer, Alex Greer, and Robbie Greer; grandparents, Linda Carey Halverson, Tom Carey, Jerry Halverson, Judith and Gerald Muller, Ron and Mavis Dittmer, and Darlene and Gary Greer; gruncle, Randy Sauter; aunts and uncles, Sara Halverson, James Carey, Mardi (Rodd) Ringquist, Whitney (Reed) Radden, Tracy (Andy) Jannsen, Brad Muller, Brett Muller, Josie (Andy) Muntifering, Susan (Pat) McKay, and Danielle Greer; many cousins, other relatives and many friends.

A Celebration of Zachary's Life will be held at 5:00 PM, Monday, December 10th at Maranatha Assembly Of God Church, 24799 Forest Blvd., Forest Lake with a visitation beginning at 1:00 PM until the time of the service. In lieu of flowers, memorials preferred to Zachary's family.

Healing Registry on Dec 8, 2012

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Kenzie on Dec 8, 2015

Thinking of you lots today....

Isabelle and Class on Mar 2, 2015

I showed my class your page and we all thought about and honored you this morning. You are missed by many- even those who didn't know you personally. You are awesome. We liked looking at your pictures. Xoxo

Gramma on Feb 15, 2015

CandleThis site is still up! The good people at Roberts must know that we are still around . . . still looking for any way possible to connect with you . . . still wondering why. We are moving forward, but it's not without you, Zachary. You are always in our line of sight -- just a blink away. It will forever be that way.

zeph schuler on Mar 13, 2013

im really going to miss all the times biking around menomonie all day an most of the nights an biking at the park when we all knew it was WAY to hot to be there but we did it any way i miss you alot bro this year of riding is for you me an alex are taking it to the next level because i know youll be watching

Alyssa Ann on Feb 15, 2013

Miss him so much ... He went to school with my sister and been over a few times...such a good guy

Kenzie Kroll on Jan 21, 2013

CandleI love you Zack... can't wait to jump in that freezing cold lake for you in a month!

Linda Carey Halverson on Dec 29, 2012

CandleZachary, it still just hurts so bad, baby. I'm hoping you're getting hugs like crazy from my gramma Hartman and from grammie Sharon too. They are probably beaming to have you there with them ... And I feel better just thinking about that. I love you, Gramma.

Nikki. on Dec 25, 2012

CandleMay you rest in paradise. i didn't know you, but i can tell you touched many hearts. Wishing nothing but peace and healing during these holiday times and days to come.

MacKenzie Kroll on Dec 19, 2012

I love you Zach. Please send down some of that strength and courage you've always shown me.. Rest in peace. I miss you.

Tay on Dec 14, 2012

CandleWords can't describe. I can't seem to get what I'd like to say to you out. Hoping you know, now, although to late to keep you here, know that you are loved and missed. Espically by this girl

Nicole whelan on Dec 10, 2012

CandleOh boy where do I begin I remember when's we're at my house a couple times for my sister ad a bunch of talks friends I won't forget ur wonderful smile and ur laugh u were always that guy that I could always talk to when I needed someone! And I thank u for that! I miss u so much Kyle there's never a day that ur not on my mind all I have been thinking of is and when imma see u and hear ur laugh again I really hope to see u soon babe I miss and love u lots

Dede Hering on Dec 10, 2012

My heart goes out to your family in this time of sorrow.

Maddie Hollerbach on Dec 10, 2012

I met Zack a few years ago. And ever since then, we've been friends. It was so easy to get along with him because he was so caring and funny. He was always there for everyone, and was such a great friend. I will never ever forget all the memories we shared together. He definitely has a special place in my heart. He'll be missed by everyone. Rest in peace. Love you.

Cheryl Kunzer on Dec 9, 2012

CandleWishing peace and comfort to Zach's family and friends!

Abigale Bodene on Dec 9, 2012

You were always smiling! Your amazing personality and sense of humor captured everyone's hearts - you will be missed by many! Rest in peace my friend.

Katie on Dec 9, 2012

CandleZachary was an amazing guy, you touched so many and that showed last night, I know you are now watching down on all of us. I hope you know how many people you have touched through out your life, we now have many memories and laughs that you have given us throughout the years, teen center playing guitar hero, high school health, carnivals and so many other memories I will always remember how you could never fail to make others smile as well as your amazing blue eyes that no one will forget. Goodbye for now Zachary, we will see you again, in the mean time keep rocking up there with Jesus

Logan Graham on Dec 9, 2012

Where do I even begin, man? I remember you back in middle school. We never really talked, but I knew you as that guy that everybody wanted to be friends with. It wasn't until highschool that we really started talking. Like those times Kyle and I would leave art and visit you in photography. We ended up having that marker fight and you ruined my white sweatshirt with a red whiteboard marker. Then when we sat together at lunch and we used to tease Tessa because it was funny.... And then there was guitar. You and I trying to show off to each other and outplay each other. Those were some fun times man. On my birthday, you got accepted to Stout and we talked about how we were going to room together and play guitar all night and party like no tomorrow. I guess you won't physically be there with me, but you will be there with me in spirit, and in my heart. I love you like a big brother Zack. I hope you are happy wherever you are. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you man.

Amy Greenfield on Dec 9, 2012

As a teacher we have many students that come and go throughout our lives, but there are those special ones that remain in our thoughts and heart. Zach was one of those special ones. Watching him grow up over the years was a great honor, and having him come to visit was wonderful. His smile was contagious, as well as his wit and laughter. I wish you much peace, Zach, and know that someday I will get to see that smile and hear your laughter again. Until then....I am glad to have a wonderful Angel looking over us.

Ben Green on Dec 9, 2012

Ben Green on Dec 9, 2012

CandleKnowing you since 5th grade, I remember a lot about you buddy. You were always "That kid" who would treat the younger kids really kindly. Pretty much everyone above my age would disregard any friendship to me or even anyone my age. But then there was you, Zachary Carey. You were the nicest guy, and I cannot believe you have passed. Even in high school you continued this tradition. You were a great friend of mine. Everyday after math, we talked about pretty much everything. You had such a great laugh and smile, I won't ever forget that amazing laugh. I'm never going to forget our friendship, and how important it is to me. To many people who loved you.
You will be missed, more than you EVER imagined.
I love you, brother.
I will see you soon.

Raya on Dec 9, 2012

Candle Zack you touched sooo many people, you will never be forgotten. I'm honored that I got to spend the years with you in school, church and teen center back in the day. I can remember you were always laughing, joking around and having a good time. I will never forget the day I walked ALL over lino with you and casey! rest in piece zack. We will seen you again :) P.S your dreads are AWESOME!

MacKenzie Kroll on Dec 9, 2012

MacKenzie Kroll on Dec 9, 2012

CandleZach and I would always skip 4th hour photo class together! We would walk around to all of the lunches or go sit on the computers and go on! I'm pretty sure we both failed that class.. but at least we failed it by creating UNFORGETABLE memories! I remember that every time I needed to remove my film to develop it he would always be ready to go into the dark room and help me with out a question! That winter we did the polar plunge together too and I am so glad I did! He bought me my polar bear hat because I couldn't afford to get it!! He was so thoughtful and always helped me out.. I wish I could have returned the favor.. I miss you bud.. Keep smiling. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

Pete and Laurie Downs and family on Dec 8, 2012

We have such fond memories of Zach, and are very sad to hear of his passing. He was a great kid with a good heart. Our deepest sympathies to the Greer and Carey families. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Abigail Mohammed on Dec 8, 2012

CandleI don't understand Zachary, I am lost for words. You are truly missed. I still can't believe I won't see you at another family reunion, with your smile brightening and bringing warmth to the room. Rest in Peace my beloved cousin.

Laurie Hallin on Dec 8, 2012

Our deepest sympathies to the family of Zach. Zach had become like one of our own kids over the years and we will truly miss his beautiful smile and love of laughter. We were blessed to have had him in our lives and will hold him forever in our hearts. Three things I think of when I think of Zach - music, bikes and polar bears. Love you Zach, may you rest peacefully.

Jane Canney on Dec 8, 2012

CandleZack, I feel blessed to have met you over the years. You are missed and will always have special place in our hearts. You will be loved forever.

Cheryl Throgmorton on Dec 8, 2012

CandleI am so grateful that I recently got to spend some time with Zack. I will cherish the memories of the rides to UST (where the idea for the jingle bell horn was born), 3 delicious dinners together and watching Ghost Adventures. Zack-you were a neat person to talk with and to be with. While I don't have the years and depth of memories of your family and friends, I am touched to have known you and I will always remember the brief time I got to spend with you. You were loved deeply by your Gramma, my good friend Linda. I will continue to love and support her in whatever small way I can to help fill what I know is a huge hole in her heart right now.

Abby's mom on Dec 8, 2012

Zach, Abby is missing you so much, she loved you so much her heart is broke...... always and forever Zach......

Jack Juutilainen on Dec 8, 2012

Zach, I am so blessed that I got the opportunity to meet you, and grow up with you. I will miss our rides to and from school, and all of our nights just relaxing in the camper laughing a joking or sitting by the fire. I thank you for all the memories you have given me, that I will truly be able to cherish forever. You have left a huge mark on my heart that will remain forever. God bless Zach, I will think of you every time I drive by your house.--Jack Juutilainen

Mavis Dittmer on Dec 8, 2012

CandleZack, I pray that you knew how much we loved you. You became a member of our family and there will now be a great void in our lives. Favorite memories include you in waders helping to put the dock in, a little cold water leaking into them? Also, your reading of "The Night Before Christmas" will always be locked in our hearts! Love from us all----Ron and Mav

Denise Block on Dec 8, 2012

CandleZack, you probably wouldn't remember me, but I remember you. You were the sweetest little boy when I met you. Your infectious smile and spunky attitude helped me during a difficult time. Unfortunately I haven't been able to come back to MN since that time so we never got to know each other, but I have never forgotten you. Although you will be missed terribly, our family is blessed with another angel to watch over us. God Bless.

Zachary's Graduation on Dec 8, 2012

Linda Halverson on Dec 8, 2012

Zack, I have a really big hole in my heart, sweetie. I'm hoping it eventually fills with thoughts of you in peaceful rest. Gramma loves you.

.. on Dec 8, 2012

Jackie Clement on Dec 8, 2012

Zack, you are in my thoughts and prayers every minute of every day. I did not know you well but your dad and your gramma are so close to my heart and they love you so much that through them, and my mom, I was able to catch a glimpse of the man you became and I lost out in not knowing you better. I hope that you are finally at peace Zachary and my love, thoughts, and prayers will be with you forever.

Jullie Holm on Dec 7, 2012

Zach was part of our family. He was here almost daily for several years. We loved him very much and will miss him so much. Rest In peace buddy.



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Maranatha Assembley of God
24799 Forest Blvd.
Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Maranatha Assembley of God
24799 Forest Blvd.
Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025
5:00 PM

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