Life Celebration


What does it mean to be a Life Celebration Home®?

Being a Life Celebration Home® means providing families with unparalleled service, personalized tributes, and customized funeral experiences. It is our passion to tell the story of your loved one for the final time. Life Celebration® is designed to provide a meaningful tribute to your loved one. Recognizing that this is a difficult time for families and friends, The Roberts Family Life Celebration® staff is trained to provide you the tools necessary to create the service, without creating undue burden. Together, we will co-create a unique experience, rich with nostalgia and treasured memories, celebrating the life of your loved one.

Each of our Life Celebration® services is entirely customized to fit your family’s wants and desires. We will incorporate personal elements of your loved one into the service you choose, making the funeral experience memorable and life-centric. You will find the co-creating process healing and therapeutic amidst the grief. Whether your choose burial or cremation, Life Celebration® services are available to you.

The Exclusive Roberts Family Guide (view guide here)RobertsFamilyGuidephoto

The Family Guide is the fundamental tool we give to you, our families, to begin sharing memories, hobbies, interests and passions of your loved one. Click on the link below to begin filling out the Family Guide. Feel free to provide as much information as you would like. After you complete the guide, we will do the rest to provide and exceptional experience.


Balloon Release

Thoughts for your loved one, in the form of balloons, float into the sky together.

Golfing Outing

Join together with friends to do the activity your loved one enjoyed most.

Tree Planting

A gift that lasts generations, plant a tree to honor your loved one.

Final Salute

Give your veteran loved one the respect deserved with veteran funeral benefits.