Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life

The most meaningful funerals or life celebrations are personal and authentic. They tell the unique stories of the person who has died and demonstrate the impact they had on others. Not only does personalization help honor your loved one’s individuality and contributions to the world, it also allows family and friends to feel a deeper connection to the services and the life they’re celebrating. 

Funeral ceremonies are a way for us to express our thoughts and feelings about the death of someone we love. They allow us to say goodbye and give us time and physical space to share our memories with others. Further, honoring our loved ones through ceremony, alongside friends and family, helps us better navigate grief, experience joy and gratitude amidst sorrow, and brings hope for the days ahead.

“People who take the time and make the effort to create meaningful funeral arrangements when someone loved dies often end up making new arrangements in their own lives. They remember and reconnect with what is most meaningful to them in life. They strengthen bonds with family members and friends. They emerge changed, more authentic and purposeful. The best funerals remind us how we should live.” — Dr. Alan Wolfelt

In what ways can you personalize a funeral?

A funeral service should be as special as the life being remembered. When thinking about the person who’s died, think about their hobbies, their passions, their unique personality, and ways they impacted others.

Personalization isn’t just for the eulogy — you can personalize nearly every element of a funeral service, and Roberts Family Funeral Home can provide recommendations that will better connect guests to the person being celebrated and the life they lived.

Butterfly release for funeral

Pheasant, dove, or butterfly release

When released at funerals, pheasants, doves or butterflies can represent the deceased’s soul transitioning into the afterlife or hope for the future.

Bagpiper at funeral


Have a bagpiper play to end the service or at the cemetery for the traditional Celtic funeral.

Three wine glasses raised in a toast

One Last Toast

Raise a glass to celebrate your loved one and honor a life well lived.

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